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: Pallet Racking

For all heavy duty storage applications, adjustable pallet racking is a modular system providing efficient use of storage space for palletised loads. Utilizing any type of handling equipment, pallet racking is available in component form for self assembly or can be supplied as part of a comprehensive design and installation service provided by 3D Storage Systems. A wide range of components are available to suit all types and sizes of pallet and loading criteria. Accessories available. Manufactured and designed to SEMA code of practice and BS5750. For use in standard aisles or narrow aisles.

Standard pallet racking is the most commonly used form of storage equipment. There is no need for specialised handling equipment (standard forktrucks can be used) and the racking is a simple to use modular system. Different strengths of upright sections meet various load requirements from medium to heavy duty and comes with a choice of beam sections and lengths all conforming to the SEMA Standards.

For accessibility, fast throughput, stock rotation or automated order picking, standard pallet racking is the answer.

Whether your requirement is for 2 bays of racking or 20,000 pallet positions contact 3d storage systems. We will consider the space available and what you need to achieve, then create a tailor made solution from our range of products and systems.
Not only that, we will then personally supervise the installation ensuring that all equipment is assembled safely and efficiently in compliance with industry recognised guidelines.

Narrow Aisle Racking.
A highly versatile system with direct access to individual pallets, narrow aisle pallet racking is very popular as the aisle width needs only to be slightly larger than the pallet load and therefore utilizes maximum warehouse space. The narrow aisle format is dependant on the types of goods stored and the lifting capability of the trucks used.

Drive - In Pallet Racking.
Drive in Racking is an ultra high density storage system. It is the ideal economical bulk storage solution where stock rotation and selectivity are not critical factors. It works on a first in last out basis. Pallets are stored on runners in the depth of the racking and trucks enter the structure to deposit or retrieve loads. Ideal for soft easily damaged or crushable goods which cannot be block stacked

Where selectivity and stock rotation are not critical factors the ideal economical bulk storage solution would be drive in pallet racking. Pallets are stored in the depth of the racking and trucks enter the structure to retrieve loads.

Crash Barriers and Protection.
Crash barrier rails have been developed to allow you to protect equipment and facilities which are vulnerable to accidental damage.


Our fully welded stillages are available in 500kg or 1000kg capacity and are constructed from mesh or sheet steel. Full box, half drop side, detachable side and post pallets are available in a variety of sizes.

Mesh Shelving.
For use on pallet racking particularly when sprinkler systems are fitted. The shelves are tailormade to suit racking dimensions and loading criteria. Mesh shelves provide clean dust free surfaces with excellent ventilation.